24 May 2017

Igenomix Dubai Wins 2017 Frost and Sullivan’s Specialized Genetic Diagnostic Services Technology Leadership Award

Igenomix has achieved yet another milestone in the field of advanced reproductive genetics in Middle East after being honored with Frost & Sullivan Be...


Igenomix has achieved yet another milestone in the field of advanced reproductive genetics in Middle East after being honored with Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards.

This Global program recognizes outstanding industry achievements by companies worldwide. The methodology for determining Award recipients is unique – a deep dive research and analysis is conducted by Frost & Sullivan industry experts, which is presented to an esteemed and independent panel of Judges, comprising senior executives representing the top companies in the Middle East.

The evening was gleaming with best of the people in buisness and technology from around the Arab region at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai on 24th May, 2017 where leaders became part of the proud moment shared by the team of ‘Frost and Sullivan’. The success story of Igenomix Dubai Laboratory was sanctioned and sealed by the industry experts and our promise will continue to increase the quality of life by improving fertility rate among Middle Eastern population.

Mr. Francisco Rodríguez, General Manager at Igenomix Middle East & India, after receiving the Frost & Sullivan Award, quoted: “We are humbled by this honour. Igenomix has dedicated years in research and development to attain the best genetic techniques that helps IVF specialists achieve higher pregnancy success rates globally, besides also preventing genetic disorders through our comprehensive state of the art screenings and diagnosis. This award recognises the technology and quality standards Igenomix commits to across the globe.”

“We were the first private genetic lab in 2016 to be accredited by CAP. Frost and Sullivan’s award is yet another landmark for Igenomix. We have been able to successfully bring in the best genetic practices available globally to Middle East. Our customer support and quality reporting makes us unique and the most preferred genetics partner for many private and government medical bodies. We continuously keep upgrading our technologies to strive for accuracy and more comprehensive reporting,” said Dr. Rupali Chopra, Lab Director, Igenomix Dubai.

About Igenomix 

Igenomix offers specialized genetic services that include PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), PGS (Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening), CGT (Carrier Genetic Test), NACE (Non-invasive Prenatal Test) and ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis). With more than 18 years of experience implementing new techniques and genetic services worldwide, Igenomix has an impressive Research & Development with significant visibility on future genetic applications.

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