Sperm Aneuploidy Test

Analysis of sperm chromosomal abnormalities

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  • SAT is a diagnostic test to study the genetic etiology of male infertility.
  • It allows us to evaluate the presence of an abnormal number of chromosomes in the sperm.
  • In couples with severe male factor infertility, there is a higher risk of transmission of sperm chromosomal abnormalities to the offspring.

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  • Increases pregnancy rate.
  • Decreases miscarriage risk.
  • Identify males with a low chance of reproductive success.
  • Useful tool to provide personalized genetic counseling to the infertile couple previous to an IVF treatment.

In couples with an abnormal SAT, it is indicated to perform PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) to select chromosomally normal embryos for transfer.*
*Rodrigo et al., 2014.


  • Male factor infertility: low sperm concentration is correlated with a higher incidence of sperm chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Recurrent miscarriage of unknown etiology.
  • Repetitive implantation failure.
  • Previous pregnancy with a chromosomal abnormality.



Turn Around Time after receiving the samples in our laboratory: 10 working days

SAT Downloads

SAT Brochure

SAT Brochure

SAT Step by Step

SAT Step by Step



An increase of sperm chromosomal abnormalities affects reproduction on 3 levels.


  • Sperm with sex chromosomal abnormalities results in aneuploid embryos.
  • Diploid sperm result in triploid embryos.

(Rodrigo et al., 2010)


  • An elevated SAT decreases pregnancy rates after ICSI.
  • And increases miscarriage rate.

(Rubio et al., 2001)


  • It increases the risk of abnormal offspring for the chromosomes detected in the sperm (Down, Klinefelter or Turner's Syndromes)

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